The first and only platform enabling consumers to purchase without interacting with sales staff

Online car purchase for your dealership!

The first and only platform enabling consumers to purchase without interacting with sales staff

Online car purchase for your dealership!

Delight your customers. Increase sales volume and gross profit. Reduce overhead.
Now merging instore and out of store purchases
Dealers can now raise retail prices as consumers will pay a premium to transact online or a self checkout process in-store. 54% of consumers would buy from a dealership that offers their preferred experience, even if it did not have the lowest price.
Increase Gross Profits
Digital payments
Electronic storage of all documentation
Raise retail prices and increase front end gross
Keep your dealership open 24/7
Outrun your competitors and go digital in fast growing environment:
Be a step ahead
Integration with KBB provides an accurate trade-in estimate and allows the dealer to update the value.
Painless trade-in:
Instant approvals are displayed to the customer. Saves 2-3 days off the typical time to transact a sale and approve financing.
Signed and delivered
Integration with DocuSign enables customers to sign online or in-store and store all documentation electronically.
Insurance integration:
Help customers save on collision insurance and dealers capture referral income. Credit app data submitted to insurance marketplace, customers choose the best rates and bind instantly.
Grow your dealership with an automated sales process
Reasons to use CarFluent:
Automate your trade-in process.
Prices determined
Submit credit application.
Integration with DealerTrack allows for instant approvals

Choose F&I products such as

extended warranties, GAP, accessory

showroom, interior and exterior protection

and any products your dealer sells

Sign documents via DocuSign.
Wet signatures can also be coordinated.
Documents emailed to customer
and stored in secure cloud
Pay for the vehicle in full via credit card or bank account. Login to your bank
account for convenient ACH transfer
We partner with delivery operators
who can get the car delivered
same day within an hour of purchase
Frequently asked questions

How does CarFluent compare to other digital retail tools?
We are the only digital retail tool that provides end to end transactions without speaking with the sales department.  Customers can checkout online at home or instore as a self checkout.
What is the monthly price?
The monthly price is $995. Additional charges by integration partners may apply.
What is the cancellation policy?

Monthly contract that can be cancelled at anytime.

Who do you integrate with?

We integrate with 180 warranty companies through our partnership with PEN.  We integrate with all lenders through our integration with DealerTrack.  We can even integrate with your DMS, CRM or inventory management tool.